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You control several abilities and techniques that allows you to stealthy progress through the game. As the game progresses in development and more news is released, this section will be updated.

Shadow Techniques:

  • Shadow Leap: teleport from to a nearby shadow
  • Shadow Creation: create shadows to move unnoticed or jump to previously lit surfaces
  • Corpse Vanish: hide enemy corpses by using shadows to consume them

Demon Techniques

  • Kunai: throw daggers made of shadow
  • Kurosuna: a stunning shadow blast
  • Shinen: a black hole vortex trap that can be placed on surfaces or enemies

Ghost Techniques

  • Banmoku: see nearby enemies and their fields of vision through surrounding objects for a short time
  • Kage: briefly turn invisible
  • Sakkaku: create a human-like shadow decoy