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The resurrected warrior is the main character of the game. The imprison goddess guides the player character. So far, there are four confirmed characters.

Soldier of Kaiho[edit | edit source]

The Soldier of Kaiho are the most common enemys in the Game. They manipulate Lightessence to shoot Beams with their Swords and push you back with Shock waves. If a Soldier founds the Aragami or even a corpse of another Soldier, they will blow Alarm and let everyone know where you are. Be Careful. As Common as they may look. They will still beat you in one shot.

Aragami[edit | edit source]

Aragami is the Twin Souls' main character. With a mysterious past and a forgotten name, Aragami is resurrected by Yamiko's spirit to rescue her from her prison. Aragami has the Power to manipulate Shadowessence and form Shadows as his will. See more about Shadowessence at Abilities. However, as the Story continues Aragami discovers more and more about his own Past and the circumstances of his existence.

Archer[edit | edit source]

The Archer is a ranged character. Slight in build with a distinctly asian-bun hairstyle, the Archer is agile, but prefers ranged combat over physical combat. Highly skilled with an eye for precision, the Archer is a force to be reckoned with. Just like the Meele Soldiers of Kaiho, the Archers use Lightessence to shoot Lightarrows at you. One single Arrow is enough to kill the Aragami. Archers wont blow Alarm for a long time. But if they lose you out of their Sight, they will inform the others. Archers even see you, if you are hidden in the Shadows. So watch out.

Yamiko[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Yamiko. She appears to the player as an Ikiryō, a spirit manifestation of a living person. She seems to be locked in a prison and asks for help. See more in Story.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]