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You wake up with no memories of your past life. The world shown before you is inhabited by warring clans, supernatural beings and dangerous magic users. The places you visit bear the mark of forgotten glories and violent battles. Your enemies are not helpless; in the same way that you can shape darkness, they can shape light. Your foes can cast magical lights, shoot incendiary arrows or counter your approach by destroying shadows.

As you get closer to your objective, you will discover familiar places and personal objects, each one sending echoes through your memories. As your twin souls bind tighter you'll uncover pieces of your past life and Yamiko's fate.

Twin Souls takes you through eerie graveyards, silent forests, a dead city and a decaying temple.You’ll have to sneak your way around these scenarios, assassinate your enemies from the shadows, fall on them from the heights or make them kill each other using fear tactics.

Will you walk the path of shadows?

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